The Depth Of Forgiveness


“A Must-Read, Riveting and Mind-boggling Novel.” – Naomi A. Beaman

At the age of seventeen, Maree was already a successful top model. However, she became so caught up in her career that God and the church were no longer a part of her life. At eighteen she graduated at the top of her class and was accepted to the University of Los Angeles. Her manager, Tony, signed her with Jade Cosmetics, in LA, and for what they were paying, she wasn’t about to turn it down, so she signed on to be a full time student and career woman. Her dad wanted her to stay closer to New York, but her mom insisted she go to LA.  Were her mother’s intentions genuine or did Maree’s mom quickly ship her off to hide a secret?

The night before she left for LA, she was hanging out with her friends, not knowing that what was about to happen to her would change her life. Now Maree had to learn how to forgive, and to understand the depth of forgiveness.

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